Circle of Five

Circle Of Five Cover 2

When I first started getting reviews for Circle of Five, my ultimate dream was to beat the 22 reviews that an author called Dolores Stewart had. Her book was also called Circle of Five and she topped the list. After the initial,”Couldn’t I have come up with a more original name?” all I wanted was to get 23 reviews, just one more than her.
Well, 63 reviews later and with the second book nearly ready, Dolores, bless her, is still at 22 reviews and the name doesn’t matter anymore. To introduce my book, here is the blurb:

Circle of Five is the first book in the Pha Yul trilogy.

After a sudden lightning storm, Sam, Cassie, Ryan, Maya and Seb find that they’ve acquired strange and amazing powers. Confused and scared, they turn to Mr. Harris, a teacher in their school, who offers to help them control their powers.

But is there more to Mr. Harris than meets the eye? His cryptic explanations about their powers, how and why they manifested, leaves the five kids with more questions than answers. Can they trust Mr. Harris? Is he telling them the truth, or does he have his own reasons for helping them? What is the truth behind the secret society that he belongs to? The children try to figure out the answers as they work towards gaining control over their powers.

Unknown to them, danger lingers near. They have to face the threat and put their lives at risk. They must learn to trust one another and combine their powers to survive…will they make it? Are their powers strong enough? And will they finally find the answers they seek?

This blog isn’t just about my book, though I will not promise not to bore you with some of my favourite reviews of my book. It’s about the amazing indie authors, who write so well and are unknown. I hope some of you read the books that I’ve reviewed. I have read and enjoyed the books that I have reviewed here.

Here, I must add the different reasons why I’ve found these particular books appealing.

1. Some are genres that I’m not overly fond off, but have been written so well, that I feel that readers who enjoy that genre would like it.

2. Some are genres that I enjoy and even if it isn’t too well written, I’ve suggested them because the storyline is clever and enticing.

3. I confess that I personally like some of these authors and think they’re great writers. I may not have found their books fantastic reads, because it may have been a genre that I don’t personally enjoy, but I’ve thrown some of those in too…I mean, who am I to judge? You, the reader, can be the judge.

All I ask is that, if you do find a book interesting or well written or witty, do leave a review, even a short one. From personal experience I can’t begin to explain how much it warms the author’s cockles.


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