The Meat Market by James Chalk


To be honest, I’m not a big fan of explicit sexual scenes in books. But I’ve tried not to let that get in the way of how I feel about a book, since most people seem to be quite fine with it. Funnily, I have no problem with gore. The more, the better. Stephen King, you have a lot to answer for. My ultimate dream is to write an awesome horror story. But I don’t think I have it in me. I can think of the stories, but I find that I’m unable to come out with the gore or the sex.

Well, James Chalk, had no problem with either. He always warns readers that there are sexually explicit scenes in his book, which a lot of authors don’t do. I have to admit that I did skip some scenes, but that didn’t take away from a great story. So without further ado, here’s a review of The Meat Market by James Chalk, a dystopian thriller. It was my first review and is rather short, but hopefully it gets the message of the book across.

John Harkon is like an Ethan Hunt of the future. While introducing us to a brilliant character, James Chalk takes us into a well built sci-fi setting which seems all too possible. The book also nudges us to think about the present, clearly something close to the author’s heart. You know there are books that you can read a bit at a time and there are books that you blast through. This definitely falls in the second category. Great read!!

About James Chalk

Although he holds degrees in electrical engineering and computer science, first and foremost James Chalk is a husband and father. He has been blessed with the perfect soul mate and two amazing, grown daughters who light up his life. He is an expert in artificial cognition and computer vision who spent more than twenty years doing R&D for the defense and intelligence communities. James Chalk is also a life long martial artist and a certified whitewater kayaking instructor. He can be found somewhere on the Atlantic ocean, living aboard a 43′ sailboat with his wife and two large dogs. Check out his author page at

You can check out The Meat Market at

James Chalk lives on the water literally. I am jealous of his yacht, which is beautiful and is home to him and and his wife Monique, who is an awesome musician by the way (you can find her many songs on Youtube), but as usual I’m digressing. James Chalk has written a couple of spin-offs of Jonathan Harkon, but I’m still waiting for the next book. Will give you a heads-up when it comes out.


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