Ocean’s Justice by Demelza Carlton

This was a romance, a fantasy and a suspense rolled into one. Luckily it was a quick read since I couldn’t put it down. The day I raced through this book, it was raining outside and just set the mood. This is the first book by Demelza Carlton that I am reading and it sure won’t be the last. She has a way with words

The romantic angle is not sappy and the suspense adds to it rather than takes away from it. Who is Maria and why is she silent? You are left to develop the character of Maria through her actions and through the people that she interacts with. It’s a ship and of course each character has a vivid personality.

The author’s passion for the sea id quite obvious and comes through in her vivid descriptions. This story has been a bit of a tease as it leaves you wanting to know what happened next. Very enjoyable and well written!


The second hand stops by Katie St. Claire

I’m a sucker for YA fantasy and this book was right up my street. Orphans with superpowers growing up together, sponsored by a mysterious benefactor. The story grips you from the first intriguing chapter where a baby is handed over. Why? What? How? These questions run through your head Katie St. Claire pulls you deeper and deeper into the well woven tale.

There is a definite hierarchy among the children, and the character of each is so very different but something binds them together and blends well. Julia and Nic are of course in front of the action in this book and there seems to be an unsaid feeling that everything somehow centers around Julia, but unfortunately I have to wait for the second book to find that out.

That’s what I love about series, the can’t wait to find out what happens next and the author has left us hanging, waiting for the next book. I enjoyed this book and look forward to more from this author.

The Black Magic Man by Ju Ephraime

If you asked me in what genre I would place this book, I would be hard pressed for an answer. Going by the name and the blurb, I expected a paranormal theme, but this book is so much more. The author weaves in romance, suspense and intrigue seamlessly into her story. The characters reach out to you and at various points in the book I kept rooting for different characters, because of the circumstances and situations that they found themselves in.

I couldn’t decide whether Jean was good or bad, nice or not. The things he does are for reasons beyond his control and you kind of sympathise with him. Solange is torn between the two men and having met both, you aren’t sure who you want her to end up with and you can’t wait to see who it will be. This is the first book that I have read by this author and am sure I will be reading a lot more. I love her writing style. It is lyrical and pleasing. I enjoyed the book and will recommend it.

Skeletons of Birkbury by Diane J. Febry

Let me start off by saying that this book is a must read for all you whodunit lovers. For me, personally it was an exciting blend of two of my favorite authors Ruth Rendell and Dick Francis. Who doesn’t love a good mystery? And add some horses to it, and you got me. Diana J. Febry has woven a skillful tale of murder, intrigue and suspense with the background of the equine world. It is obvious that she has personal experience in the world of horses.

The Skeletons of Birkbury introduced me to Chief Inspector Peter Hatherall and Detective Inspector Fiona Williams, two well written characters. The investigation of the murder is suspenseful, while also delving into the personalities and the lives of the various characters. The character development is insightful and adds to the story, as you get involved with the complexities of the various people and the quirks of the equine community. I enjoyed this book and can’t wait to get into the next Birkbury mystery!

Charlie’s Pond by C.L. Heckman

This is Samantha’s story. It is moving, gripping and horrifying. What do you do when you grow up in a dysfunctional family and don’t know anything different? C.L. Heckman has brought Sam alive and whether you had a family that was like hers or not, you relate to her pain, because somewhere, at some point in your life, you have felt some of the pain. The agonizing part is that underneath all the anger and pain, she still loves her family and just wants to be loved back. She wants that moment by Charlie’s Pond again.

Right through the book, every time she sees the good in Charlie, you hope that this is it. This is when Charlie changes, and this is when it all gets better. The character of Sam and her feelings have been written with such insight that you feel her. You want to reach out and hug her and give her the strength to say Stop! And walk away. An amazing book, Chris and an incredible experience! I thank you!

Beggar of Beliefs – Martin-Adil- Smith

For all fantasy lovers, this is a must read! Sit down with this book when you have the time because once you start it, you won’t be able to put it down. I started in the evening and it kept me up most of the night. It is complicated and clever and for those who like end of days and genesis stories, this is a gripping tale. The author has done a lot of research and used it skillfully to weave a fantasy.

The prologue of Beggar of Beliefs is intriguing, and it instantly seduces you, and pulls you in. From there, you just can’t turn back. The book moves from the present day, back in time and the mysteries pile up as you turn the pages. The author has made his characters captivating, and you get sucked into their journey. And, just when you think you’re getting a measure of the book, Martin Adil-Smith gives it a powerful twist, leaving you groping in the dark again. It was a roller coaster ride, in a time machine. Brilliantly executed, profound at times, exciting throughout.

I am a big fan of this particular horror/fantasy genre and the author has made me sit up and take notice. I expect plenty more from Martin Adil-Smith!

Brooklyn and Bo – Brenda Perlin

Burnt Promises is a great sequel but is also a riveting stand alone novel. Brenda Perlin has delved into many topics that surround relationships, marriage, and the aftermath. This novel is Brooklyn’s perspective of her relationships. It is the character of a strong woman who has dealt with illness, death, dishonesty and come out stronger each time. Her relationships with the men in her life are varied, from her complete devotion and love for her dad, a messed up one with Joey, a dark time married to Gerard to hopefully a successful one with Bo. Fingers crossed!

I liked the way the author hasn’t just made Brooklyn and Bo’s relationship ‘a happily ever after’ story. They’re still working at their relationship and learning about each other, while they deal with each other’s past as well as their own. Brooklyn grows from strength to strength as she deals with the hurdles that life throws her way, though she is still battling with her own perception of herself. Is she a good person or not? I think she is and I hope soon she will too. For those who enjoy an intimate, introspective read, this is a must. Brenda Perlin, waiting for more on Brooklyn and Bo!