Scepter by Scott Collins

Product Details

Scepter is set in a fantastical land, but one you can relate to. Two young boys who’ve lost their parents to the realm have incredible powers that are both fascinating and useful. When the time comes for the older brother to be taken away, the younger decides to fight. It is a coming of age story for these two boys, who have lived in seclusion all their lives, hidden from the evil king who rules them. They soon make friends with youngsters as scared, as confused and who are trying to be as brave as them.

Scott L. Collins has made their journey in this book an exciting and fast paced tale, filled with mythical creatures, enchanting fairies and ugly goblins. The children are learning to adapt and growing stronger and braver through the story, brave enough to start attacking the king’s men. I feel the start of a quest here, which I hope to read about in the second book. A riveting read! I love fantasy and this one kept me up all night.


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