Adam Procane has to be stopped...’

It was the last message his wife ever sent,and even as he read it,foreign correspondent Bob Newman knew she was dead.The killers had sent a film of her murder to London with the warning – tell other people to keep away from Procane…

Procane,a top Washington official,is about to defect.With the Presidential election two months away,it’s the last thing the Americans want.Trouble is,until they know exactly who he is,they can do nothing to stop him.In London,Tweed of SIS watches and waits.Four highly suspect Americans have already passed through en route to Scandinavia  the Deputy Head of the CIA,the National Security Adviser and his wife,and the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces.Any one of them could be Procane.Meanwhile Newman has slipped off to Finland,bent on revenge.It’s time for Tweed to act. To get back into the field.To stop Newman and find Procane before he or she-…

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