Second Chance by Christina Paul

Product Details

Second Chance is not your run of the mill romance. It is funny, romantic and heartwarming. Set in the 1800’s, you would think that the wo

men would be young, naive and submissive and the men tall, dark and handsome. But Christina Paul’s heroine is full of fire and an entertaining and lively character. And the relationship that grows between Kathryn and Graydon feels so very real.

The author has woven a romance with a backdrop of intrigue and suspense. A kidnapped girl, villainous characters and the secret service of the 1800’s! The plot adds to the story rather than takes away from it, and you can’t help but be glued to the book from the word go! I particularly enjoyed the involvement of the entire family in this romance and each character has their own quirky charm. I just realized that Christina has another book about one of the characters in this story. So excited about that as he was one of my favorite characters in this book…can’t wait to read that! A well written and engaging story!


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