An excerpt from Relinquish by Sapphire Knight (Join the blog tour)

Excerpts By Sapphire Knight for Relinquish


I follow her delicate skin down over her stomach straight to her bare pussy. She spreads her legs a little and I can see the outline of her lips perfectly. I clear my throat and glance up at her. Her eyes are dilated and she looks like she’s ready to devour me. I make a ‘come here’ motion with my fingers and she walks toward me, stopping about a foot in front of me. She knows to do what is instructed when she’s in my room and she will enjoy every minute of it. I suck on my pointer finger, and then reach straight for her core. I run my finger softly over her swollen pussy lips until I get to her opening. I push my finger deep inside her. She leans forward to grasp onto my arms and she gasps, a small silent moan. I try to keep her quiet when we’re together because it always turns her on and makes her louder for me in the end. I feel her pussy contract and squeeze my finger inside her. She’s tight, so fucking tight. My hard cock throbs desperately, calling out to her clenched pussy. I run my nose softly along her neck and take a deep whiff of her sweet smelling skin.

“Ah, baby, you’ve been a good girl, hmmm?” I query and pump my finger inside her a few times. Each time I insert it, her cunt clenches tightly around it. Her cheeks and chest flush as she gets more excited. Her stomach muscles tense. “I can smell that tiny pussy getting turned on.”


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