Gran-sdur: The Games – a great review by John Carter – (At 99 cents today –

Product Details Book One was good. Book Two is better. Bring on Book Three!

“Gran-sdur: The Games (The Pha-yul trilogy Book 2)”, by Jan Raymond, the second in her wonderful series will keep you turning pages to the very end and have you eagerly awaiting Book Three. I read Book One a while back but had no trouble jumping right into Book Two. The story and the characters came right back to me, which speaks to how well the plot and the characters were developed by the author. As the Circle of Five train and refine their gifts and abilities, each evolves and grows stronger. This is balanced well with the need for teamwork required to be successful at the games in which they participate. I was struck by how well Raymond portrays the emotions of her characters. There are plenty of scenes filled with action, but we really get a feel for the characters and how they evolve and progress by seeing how they respond and handle the different situations with which they are faced. Book One was good. Book Two is even better. The story flows well between the two offerings. Raymond’s descriptions and attention to details are amazing and the lead up to the thrilling ending will leave you wanting more! I’m waiting on Book Three. Highly recommended. Five well-deserved stars.

4 thoughts on “Gran-sdur: The Games – a great review by John Carter – (At 99 cents today –

  1. Tammie Venne says:

    I went to the Amazon link to read the description and it looks really good. And the price is great!


  2. The story line is pretty interesting too! I bet you had fun reading the book!


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