Cover reveal – Finding Charity by Joey Pardo

It’s finally time to unwrap Finding Charity!

Finding Charity

A Novella by Jody Pardo

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Cover Photography and Design by Shelton Cole of SC Photo

Cover Models: Jami Watts aka Jurnee Lane and William Scott

Cover Reveal: August 27, 2015

Release Date: September 15, 2015

Mark Lyon was a beast in the boardroom. Building websites and branding corporations for success was his specialty, and he was good at it. Mark worked hard to earn his place at the top of his field. He let nothing stand in his way, not even Christmas.

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<span style=”font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;”>Charity Clarke captured Mark’s attention with her dirty mouth at first meeting, but her giving spirit stole his heart without notice. When she goes missing, will finding Charity be the gift with enough love and hope to save them both? </span><br />

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Jody was born and raised in New York City and is an only child of an English professor. After 9/11/2001 and a line of duty injury, she left her role as an EMT with FDNY-EMS for a quieter life. She pursued Bachelor’s degrees at Arizona State University in Molecular Biosciences and English. Her love of books and introduction to the Indie book world led to many wonderful friendships, and the drive to write and publish was ignited. Jody loves to travel and meet new people and has lived in four states and has visited 48 out of 50 US states.

Jody is a single mom to her daughter Ariel Elizabeth and her cat, Bullet.

Forever: A Lobster Kind of Love

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Finding Charity

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Author Spotlight – Meet Jennifer Snyder, New Adult and Young Adult Paranormal and Contemporary Romance author

Hi Jennifer, thank you for agreeing to spend some time with us. It’s lovely to have you here! Do tell us something about yourself …

I live in the United States tucked in the mountains of Western North Carolina with my husband and two children. We have a guinea pig and a yorkie puppy.

That’s wonderful. With all that going on, you still manage to write such great books. That’s pretty amazing! Tell us about your books …

I write both New Adult and Young Adult Paranormal and Contemporary Romance. Here is a little about the first in my latest series:

Product Details

Seduce is the first novel in my New Adult Paranormal Romance Succubus Kiss series. The main character Kenna Blake is a succubus with a conscience and a horrible love life because of it. When she accidently meets Randal Vincent, the inspiration for Dracula, things being to get a little interesting. The third novel in the series is set to release July 28th. If anyone is interested in starting the series, the prequel, Kiss of Awakening, is a free download.

Product Details

You can learn more about the series and find purchase links by visiting my website:

Product Details

Some of you may know me because of my novel Break You, which is a New Adult Contemporary Romance novel and the first in my Coldcreek Companion Series. It’s about those moments in life that happen when we least expect it, the ones that hold all the power to break us completely. There are four companion novels within this series, because I loved each of these characters so much, I decided to give them all their own books. Also, Break You is a free download as well. You can find purchase links and learn more about the entire companion series by visiting my website:

I hope you’ve gotten that down, people. Look out for Jennifer’s upcoming releases. I love that you write in different genres. What inspired you to become a writer?

I was the kid who loved to read. I kept a journal/diary, and I jotted down silly little poems or heartbreaking ones from time to time, but I was never the kid who wrote solid stories every second of the day. I didn’t start writing until later in life. And let me be the first to tell you, my very first book stunk. Big time.

It was so bad, in fact, every person who read the first version never asked to read the ending. So, I scrapped it. Well, not entirely. It’s still sitting in my hard drive collecting dust. The idea was okay, but the execution was horrible. I can admit that now. My second attempt at a story (different world, different characters) was long. Really long. Everyone did enjoy parts of it though, so it was progress in the right direction. I queried a little and received no positive response or feedback. So that book sat on the back burner as well.

Flash forward about a year or so. I’d stopped writing. I had moved to a new house. I now had two kids instead of just the one. I was also a stay-at-home mom. I read all the time. My mind was dying to be as creative as the authors whose worlds I devoured, but I didn’t try. I figured something would come to me eventually, but I had no creative juices at the time. Until one day… I was folding laundry and this voice popped into my head. It was a teenage boy, and he was so broken, so distraught with a situation that was taking place in front of him. I couldn’t let him go. I had to know what his story was. What happened to him, what caused him to feel so much pain? I grabbed a notebook and a pen, and began to write.

At first it was just clips of dialogue or random scenes, but then they expanded. A novel was born. One that was so different from anything I had ever read before I wasn’t sure what to do with it. At that point in my life I had never read a contemporary. Gasp! I know. Right?

I had given life to the angry teen boy in my head, but I didn’t know what to call the genre or what to do with it. So, I researched. And I found a whole world of books I never had given the time of day to. My mind was blown. I read crazy good teen romances and fell in love. Finally deciding Shattered Soul (what I titled the heartbreaking novel as) was ready for someone else’s eyes I queried. I didn’t send it out to those who had read my others before right away, because it was so different. It was dark, and gritty, and it touched on topics I thought were really edgy. I received rejection after rejection. Searching for confirmation the novel was worthy of something better than taking up space on my computer, I let those I love dearly read it. They cried. They told me how great it was. And I let that fuel me.

Christmas of 2010 my husband bought me the most glorious present ever—a kindle. I found a wealth of free novels, one being by a well-known Indie author Amanda Hocking. I read her book and went to her website to find more. This was where I learned her story of how her glorious book had made it to my hands. From there I researched everything I could about being Indie. In May of 2011 I decided I was going to take the plunge and upload Shattered Soul, and I haven’t looked back since…

So, we know who to thank for your wonderful books. That was a very honest and open account of your journey as a writer. Do you have a particular way of writing? Something that’s uniquely your style?

My method has changed over the years. I used to write during my daughter’s nap time, and some on the weekends. Once she started school I was able to write during the day and leave my weekends open to family time and catching up on housework. That last part sounds fun, right? Yeah, I didn’t think so. 😉

I used to write all of my chapters by hand in spiral bound notebooks. I would write a chapter by hand throughout the day, and then later that night or on the weekend add it to my computer. Now I write solely on a laptop that rarely ever leaves my desk. Enjoy writing in silence, unless I’ve found a song that really spurs inspiration for a scene. Then I’ll listen to that song on repeat forever.

In the summer, when both my kiddos are out of school for summer break, I wake at 5:30 a.m. so I can get some words in before they wake up.  Sometimes I get thousands in, and others a few hundred. Mornings and around 2:00 p.m. seem to be my best writing times for whatever reason.

Aspiring authors, I hope you’re listening. Determination and patience are a necessity in this profession, as you can see,

Do you use many social media platforms? Which one do you use the most?

Facebook. For sure. I have a group for fans of my novels called Snyder’s Sidekicks and can be found chatting with those in the group a few times per day. It’s been amazing to connect with readers in an environment that’s laid back and fun! I adore each member.

Seriously? You have your own entourage? Well, you have a new sidekick now. Those who would like to become part of Jennifer’s sidekicks, here’s the link –

Snyder’s Sidekicks –

Do you blog too?

I used to blog quite frequently when I first started out. Now I mainly blog about cover reveals, sales, updates, or release info for my novels. You can check out my blog by visiting my website:

I’m sure you have hundreds of reviews for your various books. Do you have a favourite review?

So many have taken the time to read and review my novels that it wouldn’t feel right to single one or two out. I do read them all though, the good and the bad, and am thankful beyond words for those who support my stories by leaving a review for others to see.

I love this question, the one when you realise that somewhere, sometime you’ve become an author. Your ‘Yes, I’m an author” moment …

Ah. This moment. I’ve had a few over the years, but the one that stands out to me most at the moment is when a person I went to high school with happened to message me on Facebook that while browsing through her mother’s bookshelf for something to read one day she stumbled upon my Marked Duology series and was shocked to realize she knew me.

I can only imagine. That feeling must have been surreal. Really makes every effort worth it, right? Btw,I love your book covers! Look at this one, it’s beautiful …

Product Details

Who designs them? Do you have any input in the design of your covers? 

I’ve worked with many cover artists over the four years I’ve been in this business, and each of them have been amazing. However, I’ve worked most with Once Upon A Time Covers and Lindee Robinson Photography.

We know you as Jennifer Snyder, the author. Let’s take a look at Jennifer Snyder, the reader and person. What kind of books do you like to read?

My love of reading goes way back. It has always been something I’ve enjoyed. That being said, I think I go through spurts of genres. I can’t say that I have one specific genre I love above all others, because I’m such a fan of the written word. Recently I’ve devoured the second book in Courtney Summers’ zombie series Please Remain Calm. (I’m actually dying for another instalment! There has to be one!), T. A. Foster’s The Magnolia Affair, Alyssa Rose Ivy’s Forged in Stone, and Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. I have no doubt there will be many more I eat up this year. My to-be-read list is a long one…

What is your favorite book made into a movie?

I’m always disappointed by the book to movie bit. To me, the books are always WAY better. The only one I can say I enjoyed both equally was the first Hunger Games book to movie adaptation.

True, that’s my favourite one as well.

Some quirky questions 

If you were in a crayon box, what color would you be and why?

Green. It’s my favorite color, but also is a vibrant yet soothing color. To me, it’s the color of life. Green trees, green grass, green smoothies. I love it!

You bring new meaning to “Go Green”. It feels like you’re pretty passionate about the environment and a healthy lifestyle. That’s very nice.

If you were a kid, who would you want to grow up to be?

I wanted to be Buffy, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Seriously. She was kickass and had a great sense of style. I’d still be her, if I was given the option.

That’s a new one and I love it. Being a Vampire Slayer would be pretty cool … 

If you’re stuck on a desert island, who would you want to be stuck with?

Channing Tatum. For sure. He could dance for me to pass the time…

Lol … Note to readers … notice the “dance for me” and not a “dance with me”!

How do you decide on your character’s names?

I pay attention to names when watching TV. The clips where they tell you the characters real names with pictures of their faces. If I see one I like, I jot it down in my notebook of names. I do the same if I meet someone with a cool name. Recently though, I was driving back from the beach and thinking of the book I had planned on starting when I got home. I’d plotted out basic things and was trying to come up with names for the main characters…so I started reading the street signs. I live in the south so names are often named after people, like their whole name is the road name. This was how I came up with my names for the book, first and last.

What dessert would you be and why?

This is the hardest question. I have a love for all things lemon, coconut, vanilla, or peanut butter. So anything with one or more of those!!

Jennifer, thank you for spending time with us. It was a blast and it was great getting to know you. For those who want to know more about Jennifer, become her friend, stalk her (haha) and read her books, here are the links to her pages. Give it up for Jennifer Snyder, everyone!

Bells on her toes by Diana J. Febry

Product Details

I love this author. As a huge fan of mysteries, with bodies and without, and having grown up on a diet of Dick Francis and Ruth Rendell, Diana J. Febry’s books are right up my street. They are the kind of books that you can easily finish in one sitting. I love the racing background, there’s just something about horses that draws me in.

But the reason that I pick up this author’s books is for the intriguing read. It is murder mystery at its best with suspenseful murders, enough clues dropped to keep you guessing, and let me warn you that you will be guessing till the end. She manages to give the tale a final twist and as always surprises you when she wraps it up.

The characters are written very well and DCI Peter Hatherall and DI Fiona Williams come with their own baggage which is delicately interwoven into the main story. The background life of these investigative officers makes them very real and you want to know what is happening in their lives. I realised that I’ve missed them when I picked up this book. It’s been a while since I read her last book and felt like I was catching up with their lives. I’m as hooked by what is going on in their lives as I am with the murder itself.

Add to this a whole lot of, not side stories, but more of interesting background of other issues and you will be riveted till you finish. Pick up one of her books and you will want to read them all!

Cover Reveal – Uprising by Kate Bonham


Uprising Banner Revamp Blitz finaluprising11208920_10153293973147112_1199684160_nLee had never known anything but running and hiding from the ‘mafia’ looking for her Uncle Sam. The last four years had been great, however. They’d settled in Washington close to her other Uncle Ahren and his wife Beth. She was finally home.

All seems to be going well in her life. Why then is she attracted to the man stalking her? The man who claims she is some kind of angel and has great powers. Shouldn’t she run to Sam and tell him everything? Instead she trusts the man named Chael.

When the war threatens to erupt on Earth, Chael has no choice. He has to tell Lee the truth about who she is, and take her to the one place where she is safe…that is…until she’s stolen again. Chael must track her down and fight the war between the rogue Fallen and Fallen…will they succeed before Hell’s demons are unleashed on the world?

Sacrifices must be made. Will Chael save Lee before it’s too late?
11116170_10153293969407112_67502810_nMoon1 teaser Uprising Teaser 1 Final Towel teaser Uprising teaser11160408_10153318309482112_168251973_nAmazon | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | iBooks | Kobo | Nook

11216080_10153320381107112_692980075_nFate (Book #1 Fallen from Grace)
2479605611208920_10153293973147112_1199684160_nAce is a reaper for Purgatory; calming lost souls while they await their final judgment. His latest Death Report was a job like any other, until he interrupts the demons that have been unleashed to kill her. She was just meant to be a job, but she turned out to be so much more.

Faye was unprepared for Ace’s entry into her life. Never before had she met anyone who could make her heart skip a beat even as he froze it with fear. Now, not only had he saved her from demons from Hell, he was trying to tell her she wasn’t human.

A war has begun between the Fallen and Archangels. The winner gets power over all realms. Has the world’s Fate been determined before Faye’s true destiny can begin?

Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | iBooks | Kobo | Nook
11186459_10153293969682112_187872915_nKate was born and raised in Sydney, Australia with her two parents and two brothers. She was always a dreamer even as a teen when she would dream of the moment, while in Maths class, her knight in shining armour would come and rescue her from the tedious learnings of algebra and Pythagoras’ theorem. It was at that moment, she realised that if she wanted her knight to come through the door, she’d need to dream him up.

She’s been doing it ever since.

In 2014, she migrated north to the Central Coast of NSW where she lives with her most treasured items: laptop, high heels and countless meerkat figurines.

Fate, is the first novel written by Kate and the first in the Fallen from Grace series
11195453_10153301966027112_1193872184_nFacebook | Amazon | Website

Book Reveal – Chasing WInter by Alora Kate

purple 2.jpg
Chasing Winter Cover and Synopsis Reveal!

Chasing Winter
(the fourth and final book in The Four Seasons Series)
by Alora Kate
Genre: New Adult – Romance
Coming Soon!!
**Release Date: July 20th**

Everyone has secrets but some are worse than others are. Some people are ashamed of their secrets. Some people are terrified of how others will react to their secrets. Chase and Winter both have secrets. They both have demons and a past that haunts them. This is the final book in The Four Seasons series and we finally get to meet Winter and Chase. How will they deal when they learn about each other’s pasts? Will Chase still continue to chase Winter?

The Cover!!
back of a young girl on the bed

Portrait of a beautiful sexy tender woman with creative hairstyle. Model posing at studio
beauty girl cry on black background
Modern guy with beard and tattos on hands.
About Alora Kate:
“I hear voices in my head and I love that it’s totally okay.” – Alora Kate

Alora Kate – Pen Name

There are many reasons why she chooses to use a Pen Name. She battled with the idea but in the end, it’s a dedication. Alora Kate is a dedication to someone special who left this world way too soon.

She doesn’t write to get rich, or famous. She does it because she loves it. If only ten people bought her book and loved it, then it was worth her time to write it. She loves to share her crazy world and characters with you.

She is a single mom of a very active 3yrs old. He is her whole world, and life wasn’t complete until he came along. She is also a full-time college student studying photography and graphic design.

Where to find Alora Kate:

Author Banner Alora Kate.jpg

Dying Thoughts by Joey Paul

Product Details

Dying Thoughts is a young adult mystery at its heart, but Joey Paul has made it so much more. It is a funny and entertaining story of young Tara’s ‘gift’, though she doesn’t consider it one. The first person narrative is neatly done and takes us on this journey in a sixteen year old’s shoes remarkably well. Tara’s introspective conversations are witty and does not grate (I’ve found that if not done well, it can ruin a book for you. It has ruined quite a few books for me.) But Joey has done a great job. Tara herself is very endearing and her relationship with her father seems very real. The mystery itself serves as a backdrop to Tara’s journey of self discovery, but is suspenseful and keeps you turning pages.

I think this book serves as a great introduction to Tara’s gift and how she realizes that she could be in a position to help people. I see there are more books about Tara Leverton’s adventures. I look forward to reading them. Five stars, Joey Paul!

Wired for sound by Cherime McFarlane

Product Details

For those who love rock and roll and reading, this is the perfect book for you. The author has an in depth knowledge of bands, tours and the behind the scenes action of a major tour. As with all artists, tempers run high and emotions get out of hand. Cherime Mcfarlane brings out the essence of the Scot in Hamish beautifully and his conflict over his love for Lori and his doubts about her, make that love story very interesting. A good mystery and an enjoyable read!