Greywalker by Patrick Heffernan

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Greywalker catches you unawares. I’m not sure what I expected of the book, but it certainly wasn’t the gamut of emotions that surfaced in me. The character was so well written that I felt every emotion he did-happiness, sadness, confusion and anger. I found the concept of the Greywalkers fascinating. Amos’ initiation into the Otherworld and his journey through it is woven so well. Being a Greywalker demands much from a mortal. Amos’ feelings about being thrown into something he hadn’t asked for and didn’t want, and his later realization of his destiny and place in this world is captivating.

One of the best parts of the book for me was the way Patrick Heffernan has explored the relationships in Amos’ life, from his initial confusion and anger at his father, to acceptance and forgiveness, and his own reactions to his son’s gifts. A brilliant piece of work by a fine author! It was a wonderful experience.