A pink zombie, with a mist by Jada Ryker

A Pink Zombie, with a Mist by Jada Ryker

Dr. Olivia West is a lovely character that you empathize with immediately. The book starts with a bang on page one and the thrill never stops. Mysteries are one of my favorite genres and so is horror and this book has a bit of both. The little town of Heaven’s Bottom isn’t as pleasant as it sounds. It is filled with intrigue and mystery and the author takes you back to things that have happened in this town. People have disappeared, strange happenings, unexplained events, it has it all. And when you just think you’ve got to the heart of the story, there’s an unexpected new twist.

I love the wonderful way that Jada Ryker has written her characters. You can actually get into their heads and see the wheels turning. The chemistry between Olivia and Detective Stevens is well written, adding another angle to the story. Will they find out what happened to Olivia’s childhood friend? Will they discover where Detective Steven’s wife disappeared to? Will the duo and their gang of mismatched but thoroughly entertaining friends solve the mystery of Heaven’s Bottom? You have to get this book and find out. Brilliantly written and thoroughly engaging.