Three Pagoda Pass by John Rebell

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I started the book and I couldn’t put it down. I must confess that I do have a fascination for the Far East and the author either has personal experiences or has done a lot of research on these exotic places. The settings are fascinating, the characters interesting and the complexity of cultures explored to perfection.

The myriad characters that make up the book, from a kid who discovered something amazing to a General who is terrifying, down to the malicious dwarf, each character has been brought to life in detail. The author brings home the reality in which certain cultures live, and touches on the issues that millions face.  The plot races along to an exciting climax.

If you like a ‘can’t put it down’, fast paced, thriller, this is a must read! I love thrillers and maybe I’m biased but I found the book thoroughly engaging and an enjoyable read! A wonderful job by a talented writer!