Greywalker by Patrick Heffernan

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Greywalker catches you unawares. I’m not sure what I expected of the book, but it certainly wasn’t the gamut of emotions that surfaced in me. The character was so well written that I felt every emotion he did-happiness, sadness, confusion and anger. I found the concept of the Greywalkers fascinating. Amos’ initiation into the Otherworld and his journey through it is woven so well. Being a Greywalker demands much from a mortal. Amos’ feelings about being thrown into something he hadn’t asked for and didn’t want, and his later realization of his destiny and place in this world is captivating.

One of the best parts of the book for me was the way Patrick Heffernan has explored the relationships in Amos’ life, from his initial confusion and anger at his father, to acceptance and forgiveness, and his own reactions to his son’s gifts. A brilliant piece of work by a fine author! It was a wonderful experience.


Gran-sdur: The Games by Jan Raymond

Yup, my second book. It’s time for another review of mine. This a favorite written by one of my favorite authors, Christoph Fischer.

“Gran-sdur: The Games” by Jan Raymond is the second book in her magical and beautiful Pha-yul trilogy. This book follows the well established circle of five youngsters from volume one to new adventures and more training of their superhuman skills. The series reminds me in some moments of Enid Blyton’s charm with its wonderful sense of adventure and the likeable and well drawn characters. Only, our heroes are part alien and have powers such as tele-porting and they have a man who trains them to master their powers.
As the title suggests, this instalment concerns a competition which is held at Pha-Yul. What starts out almost like a summer camp for teenagers turns into something more serious. The group of five have all quite different and well drawn family backgrounds. Then there are the individual friendships and some courting which brilliantly come into play in the changing group dynamics and character development. Mastering the games together and overcoming their issues at the same time is the dual challenge.

This is a great second book that can build easily on the solid ground work of its predecessor. Apart from the action and adventure there is a lot of emotional wisdom in the book that makes watching those youngsters and following their progress such a rewarding reading experience. Thoughtful and with some great messages about being your best this should be popular with young readers and their parents.

Highly recommended.

Club Number Five – Jennifer Loiske

I love vampire stories and the Twilight series killed it for me. Thanks Jennifer Loiske for penning a great vampire story, and for bringing me back into the fold. Club Number Five(Immortal Blood) is an entertaining, funny, first person narrative had me hooked from the beginning. The main character is kick ass and her confusion and desperation about what a vampire can do and cannot do is funny and engrossing.

As Samantha makes her journey through the vampire world, trying to find answers, she has some hard and nasty decisions to make. She also has to worry about the safety of her family and friends as she struggles to transform. A rather intriguing love triangle! The author leaves us with a twist at the end, with a cryptic clue for Samantha to work out.

I’m dying to know what happens next! An action packed book and a well deserved five stars!