Shadowboxer by Jennifer Grayson

One of my favorite concepts, time travel and a kick ass heroine. This book had me from page 1. The character of Evy is strong and passionate and has been written well. The author has a very fertile imagination and I love the way she weaves real time history and blends it beautifully with her fantasy. The love interest adds to the story and you can feel that under all that steel, there is a vulnerability to Evy.

Great read Jennifer! Well deserved five stars.


Three Pagoda Pass by John Rebell

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I started the book and I couldn’t put it down. I must confess that I do have a fascination for the Far East and the author either has personal experiences or has done a lot of research on these exotic places. The settings are fascinating, the characters interesting and the complexity of cultures explored to perfection.

The myriad characters that make up the book, from a kid who discovered something amazing to a General who is terrifying, down to the malicious dwarf, each character has been brought to life in detail. The author brings home the reality in which certain cultures live, and touches on the issues that millions face.  The plot races along to an exciting climax.

If you like a ‘can’t put it down’, fast paced, thriller, this is a must read! I love thrillers and maybe I’m biased but I found the book thoroughly engaging and an enjoyable read! A wonderful job by a talented writer!

Into the darkness – Fox Lee

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You need to have a couple of days free before you get into this book. The fast paced action will make you tune the rest of the world out It is a combination of horror, suspense and action. A complete end of days, zombie thriller!

I can’t decide which character and whose journey I enjoyed more. Zorn’s who is the Devil incarnate bent on destroying the world or Quinn’s who gets catapulted into the protector of the world! They were equally exciting and the momentum builds up as you read the book and by the end, you’re totally caught up in the fight between good and evil. The characters are vivid and real.

A tight, well written novel that holds you spellbound. Great job!

False security by Angie Martin

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Kudos to Angie Martin for a brilliant book! Suspense, intrigue and romance are interwoven effortlessly. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. She’s developed her characters so well through the book, that you feel connected to them. An insightful look at the reality of an abusive relationship. The book crosses several genres and would be a good read as suspense, romance or even a mystery novel. Personally, I hate romance but the mystery kept me glued to the book. I just had to know what happened at the end! Great job, Angie! Looking forward to Conduit.